Notable Members

May Collins - The founding member of the society

In April 1951, May organised an initial meeting in Norman's Cafe, Crosby. The meeting was attended by seventy potential members. Overwhelmed with the interest, she set out as she meant to go on and took a leading part in Producing the first production ‘The Mikado’, which, according to reviews gave the society a positive leap into society.

She remained a loyal and active member, never performing in shows, only Producing, until her death in 1989.

The future of the society owes a lot to this great lady who in a time when Men ruled the world, took a leap and forced her dream through.

May Collins acted as society Producer from 1951 until 1983 when she retired from her position due to ill health.

Alongside her sterling work as Producer, May served a strong, active committee member. She took on numerous committee positions during her time. On the original 1951 committee, she acted as Vice-Chairperson, before stepping into a general role. She remained on the general committee until 1974, when she took a break and just focus on her producing. In 1982 she was granted the honour of becoming Society President, a role she remained in her death.

May Collins died in 1989 leaving the Society she worked so hard to build, in the capable hands of the current and future members.

Her legacy will live on in every production we do.

Beti Lloyd-Jones - Original member of the Crosby G&S society

Elizabeth Lloyd-Jones performed as a member of the chorus in 'The Mikado'(1951) and later taking on principle parts (between 1953 - 1956). She left the society and Crosby to pursue her career as a member of the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company.

During her tenure with the company she performed in the chorus, understudying most contralto roles. She became a permanent fixture as Inez in 'The Gondoliers'(1959 - 1962). During her time with D'Oyly Carte, she played the role of Mrs Partlett in 'The Sorcerer'(1973 - 1975).

After the closure of the company in 1982, Lloyd-Jones returned to her roots and rejoined Crosby Gilbert and Sullivan Society. Her first production back saw her produce 'The Sorcerer' and from then on, until her departure from the society in 2003, she remained mostly as a Producer, and also as an occasional actress.

Beti Lloyd-Jones died on March 6, 2004. However, her legacy lives on within the society and her voice can still be heard on D'Oyly Carte recordings.

Patience as Lady Saphir (1961 Recording)

Grand Duke as Bertha (1976 Recording)

The Gondoliers as Inez (1977 Recording)