Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th January 1954

Winter Gardens, Waterloo

Dramatis Personae

The Lord Chancellor

Earl of Mountararat

Earl Tolloller

Private Willis, of the Grenadier Guards

Strephon, an Arcadian Shepherd

Queen of the Fairies

Iolanthe, a fairy, Strephon’s mother




Phyllis, an Arcadian Shepherdess and ward in Chancery

William Jones

Walter Hosegood

William Parry

Griffith Williams

George Audley

Lillian Collingwood

Marian Martin

Dorothy Porter

Betti Lloyd-Jones

Eileen Drury

Pat Jones

Dukes, Marquises, Viscounts,

Earls and Barons

Cecil Abbotson

Robert Bradshaw

Bernard Callaghan

David Callaghan

Arthur L. Chapple

Albert Dunn

Godfrey Haselden

James C. Hepburn

Malcolm Kelly

Thomas McAleer

Gerard Martin

Harold Moore

Ernest F. Nickols

Robert G. Parry

George Poynor

R.E Roberts

Denis A. Smerdon

James H. Smith

David Thompson

G.R Warden

Griffith Williams

Owen W. Williams


Joanne Abbotson

Marjorie Abbotson

Elaine Allan

Phoebe Armstrong

Daphne Beesley

Mary Brown

Stephanie Coles

Mabel Cookson

Gwen Doyle

Margaret Duffy

Joan Galliford

Elsie Jones

Joyce Jones

Joyce Proctor

Ada Johnston

June Richardson

Kathleen Stananought

Mollie Stananought

Margaret Taylor

Olive Thomas

Production Team


Musical Director

May Collins

Wilfred Murray

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