The Mikado

Monday 24th to Saturday 29th January 1966

Crane Theatre

Dramatis Personae

The Mikado Of Japan 

Nanki-Poo, His son, disguised as a wandering minstrel

Ko-Ko, The Lord High Executioner of Titipu

Pooh-Bah, Lord High Everything Else

Pish Tush, A Noble Lord

Yum-Yum, Ward of Ko-Ko

Pitti-Sing, Ward of Ko-Ko

Peep-Bo, Ward of Ko-Ko

Katisha, An elderly Lady in love with Nanki-Poo

Anthony Collins

Gerard Martin

Muriel Gilbert

Barrie Stevenson

Jennifer Monk

William Bethell

Rosemary Clark

Thomas Monk

Mabel Cookson

Gentlemen of the Chorus

Paul Beet

Michael Broom

Harold Carefull

Peter Collins

Stanley Davies

Ernest Dean

William Holland

Kenneth Jones

William Jones

Walter Kilgour

Thomas King

Peter Knight

Peter Ledwidge

Leonard Leech

Joseph Maxwell

Keith Pounder

George Poynor

Geoffrey Slight

Terence Smith

Charles Watling

Griffith Williams

Ladies of the Chorus

Marjorie Balmer

Petrena Brown

Marjorie Cannell

Jean Dunbar

Laura Fawcett

Julie Griffiths

John Harvey

Marjorie Hellam

Jessie Kershaw

Elsie Knight

Jill Ledwidge

Dorothy Mills

Eileen Renshall

Kathleen Ryder

Patricia Shepherd

Kathleen Stananought

Constance Streek

Audrey Thomas

Robina White

Ivy Whitmore

Margaret Wills

Production Team


Musical Director

May Collins

R Geoffrey Cowie

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