Utopia Limited

Monday 22nd to Saturday 27th January 1973

The Neptune Theatre, Hanover Street, Liverpool

Dramatis Personae

King Paramount, the First, King of Utopia

Scaphio, Judge of the Utopian Supreme Court

Phantis, Judge of the Utopian Supreme Court

Tarara, The Public Exploder

Calynx, The Utopian Vice-Chamberlain

Imported Flowers of Progress:

Lord Dramaleigh, a British Lord Chamberlain

Captain Fitzbattleaxe, First Life Guards

Captain Sir Edward Corcoran, K.C.B., of the Royal Navy

Mr. Goldbury, a company promoter; afterwards Comptroller of the Utopian Household

Sir Bailey Barre, Q.C., M.P.

Mr. Blushington, of the County Council

The Princess Zara, eldest daughter of King Paramount

The Princesses Nekaya, her Younger Sister

The Princesses Kalyba, her Younger Sister

The Lady Sophy, their English Gouvernante

Salata, Utopian Maiden

Melene, Utopian Maiden

Phylla, Utopian Maiden

John Bowen

William Lawler

Kenneth Jones

Peter Knight

James Crew

Michael Hoyland

Thomas Monk

William Holland

David Farrell

William Jones

Harold Carefull

Muriel Gilbert

Dorothy Kerr

Jennifer Monk

Mabel Cookson

Shelagh Fieldsend

Barbara Leech

Joan Miller

Gentlemen of the Chorus

Bruce Eastwood

Derek Hill

Peter Ledwidge

Leonard Leech

Gerald Massey

Robert Mawdsley

Peter Miles

Thomas Murray

Keith Pounder

George Poynor

Ladies of the Chorus

Stella Adamson

Jane Alexander

Margaret Brown

Rosalind Dewhurst

Dorothy Dunbar

Rosemary Gordon

Kathleen Hamilton

Alison Hughes

Elsie Knight

Dorothy Mills

Madeleine Owens

Eileen Renshall

Kathleen Ryder

Marie Shellard

Wendy Smith

Kathleen Stananought

Mollie Stananought

Production Team


Musical Director

May Collins

R Geoffrey Cowie

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