The Pirates of Penzance

Wednesday 7th to Saturday 10th June 2017

Southport Little Theatre

Dramatis Personae

Major-General Stanley

The Pirate King

Samuel, his Lieutenant

Frederic, the Pirate Apprentice

Sergeant of Police

Mabel, General Stanley’s Daughter

Edith, General Stanley’s Daughter

Kate, General Stanley’s Daughter

Isabel, General Stanley’s Daughter

Ruth, Pirate Maid of all Work

Jonathan Taylor

Mark Duffy

Brian Tubb

Chris Liston

Joan Ashcroft

Heather Heighway

Alison Davies

Isobel Jenkins

Pat Matiland

Elaine Williams

Pirates & Policeman

Jim Craig

Ed Davies

Peter Ledwidge

Michael Lomax

Bob Moretta

Steve Old

Gerry Smith

Rick Walker

Howard Yates

General Stanley’s Daughters

Julie Gill

Josie Hardman

Jill Ledwidge

Jackie Mallon

Rosaline Moore

Pam Tattersall

Robina White

Margie Whittaker

Emma Williams

Production Team


Musical Director

Assistant Musical Director


Mark Duffy

Chris Larkin

Dorothy Hunter

Emma Williams

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