The Yeomen of the Guard

Monday 26th to Saturday 31st 1976

The Neptune Theatre, Liverpool

Dramatis Personae

Sir Richard Chomondeley, Lieutenant of the Tower

Colonel Fairfax, under sentence of death

Sergeant Meryll, of the Yeomen of the Guard

Leonard Meryll, his son

Jack Point, a Strolling Jester

Wilfred Shadbolt, Head Jailer and Assistant Tormentor

Elsie Maynard, a Strolling Singer

Phoebe Meryll, Sergeant Meryll's Daughter

Dame Carruthers, Housekeeper to the Tower

Kate, her Niece

First Yeomen

Second Yeomen

Gerald Massey

Thomas Monk

James Whittle

Anthony Charlesworth

John Hilton

Peter Knight

Deborah Jones

Alison Hughes

May Wilson

Laura Fawcett

William Jones

David Farrell

Yeomen of the Guard

Peter Abel

Harold Carefull

Peter Crane

Malcolm Crosby

David Farrell

Derek Hill

William Holland

William Jones

Peter Ledwidge

Michael Lomax

Peter Miles

Thomas Murray

George Poynor

Stanley Wilson


Stella Adamson

Margaret Brown

Sally Coffey

Mabel Cookson

Barbara Edge

Shelagh Fieldsend

Dorothy Kerr

Iris Kelly

Elsie Knight

Jill Ledwidge

Frances Maguire

Anne Meethan

Marie Murray

Dylys Osborne

Sheila Rees

Eileen Renshall

Marie Shellard

Production Team


Musical Director

May Collins

R Geoffrey Cowie

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