The Yeomen of the Guard


Monday 30th January to Saturday 4th February 2006

Crosby Civic Hall, Waterloo

Dramatis Personae

Sir Richard Chomondeley, Lieutenant of the Tower

Colonel Fairfax, under sentence of death

Sergeant Meryll, of the Yeomen of the Guard

Leonard Meryll, his son

Jack Point, a Strolling Jester

Wilfred Shadbolt, Head Jailer and Assistant Tormentor

Elsie Maynard, a Strolling Singer

Phoebe Meryll, Sergeant Meryll's Daughter

Dame Carruthers, Housekeeper to the Tower

Kate, her Niece

Gerry Massey

Peter Wilde

Ed Davies

Andrew Wolfenden

Jonathan Taylor

Simon Killeen

Helen Fieldsend

Jane Hamlet

Ceri Wilde

Sophie McQueen

Yeomen of the Guard

Harold Carefull

Malcolm Kendall

Peter Ledwidge

Brian Leeson

Mike Lomax

Patric Mercer

Joe O'Connor

Steve Old

Gerry Smith

Graham Tattersall

Keith Tattersall

Brian Tubb

John Whitehead

Jimmy Whittle

Andrew Wolfenden


Nikki Burns

Margaret Carden

Julie Gill

Lindsay Harries

Josie Hardman

Dorothy Hunter

Iris Kelly

Jill Ledwidge

Pat Maitland

Jacki Mallon

Sophie McQueen

Rosalie Moore

Rachel Patterson

Maggie Potter

Pam Tattersall

Robbie White

Margi Whittaker

Elaine Williams

Sur Woods

Production Team


Musical Director

John Hilton

Brian Smith

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