The Sorcerer

Monday 24th to Saturday 29th January 1983

The Neptune Theatre, Hanover Street, Liverpool

Dramatis Personae

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre, an Elderly Baronet

Alexis, of the Grenadier Guards, his Son

Dr. Daly, Vicar of Ploverleigh


John Wellington Wells, of J. W. Wells & Co., Family Sorcerers

Lady Sangazure, a Lady of Ancient Lineage

Aline, her Daughter, betrothed to Alexis

Mrs. Partlet, a Pew Opener

Constance, her Daughter

Hercules, A Page Boy

James Whittle

Roger Topping

Thomas Monk

Steve Pritchard

John Hilton

May Wilson

Bernadette O'Keefe

Judith Barker

Jennifer Monk

Edward Baylis

Gentlemen of the Chorus

Harold Carefull

David Farrell

Norman Gow

John Hollis

Gerald Hunt

William Jones

Peter Knight

Peter Ledwidge

Michael Lomax

Harry McLeish

Gerald Massey

Roger Miller

Peter Miles

Raymond Ryan

Ladies of the Chorus

Margaret Carden

Joan Clarey

Mabel Cookson

Hilary Eastwood

Abigail Edgar

Shelagh Fieldsend

Anne Johnstone

Iris Kelly

Jill Ledwidge

Rosalie Moore

Helen Paden

Prudence Pritchard

Noel Robinson

Toni Scott

Marie Shellard

Kay Stananought

Pam Tattersall

Laura Topping

Production Team


Musical Director

Beti Lloyd-Jones

R Geoffrey Cowie

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